Apr 25 2016

Another studio time


Apr 20 2016

Riff master riffin’


Apr 20 2016

New cover photo

13016836_10154200940340555_1325057513_oBig thx to Donna Sassano for making my vision happen! Also it’s time to say that new website will launch in a week. Better, bigger, stronger

Apr 19 2016

The Logo

13051585_1723363864577194_1563177166644571348_n12994343_1723362507910663_1207103236329541829_nOne great looking sleeve from our fan! Thx @endymionus

Apr 18 2016

Cuz we all love new pictures!

12998659_1722985277948386_7018235107247728396_nThe boss playing the infamous ESP 901 “Herzeleid” guitar.


Apr 17 2016

So hypothetical

13055543_1722587747988139_105552593822216899_nI see the sweat is beading
From what I peel apart

Apr 14 2016

Like you I’ve never seen pretty lights


Apr 13 2016

On stage this summer! Berlin confirmed today

Tickets HERE12998635_1721086028138311_8320247093271454758_n

Apr 12 2016

What’s your secret, Richard?

12417882_1720693741510873_5593361044181861251_nLooks like 20 years old again. I mean, seriously, HOW?!


Apr 11 2016

Cover of the single ?

12994464_1720373488209565_2921111196596681211_nMind blowing remix included! Hounds made a great job once again

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